Ludovico Bomben (Pordenone 1982) graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Venice after attending the four-year period of decoration. His research aims to deconstruct the perception of space and the object, unhinging the coordinates of those who usually live and frequent them. His attention swings from the environment to the object, focusing on the study of the relationships between material, language, form and concept. He has exhibited in various private and institutional venues, including 54. Venice Biennale of art; Talent Prize (Inside Art); Contemporary Dolomites (Belluno); Bevilacqua La Masa Foundation (Venice); Tina B Festival (Prague); the Fabbri Prize (Treviso), Villa Manin (Udine); CAREOF - Via Farini, Revoltella Museum and Palazzo Reale in Milan.

In Ludovico Bomben’s works, as the artist himself maintains, everything appears clearly stated in the calculation of harmonic proportions, in the dialogue of light and shadow, in the constant reference to tradition: yet something intervenes to undermine perception, to shift the sensitive center of gravity and symbolic of the object, and with it, ours.

His research moves seamlessly from the environmental and installation dimension to the sculptural and visual one, developing a sophisticated analysis and deconstruction of the space. Within the coordinates of a formally and conceptually rigorous approach to design, the artist investigates the limits of both our perceptive abilities and the very plastic and visual possibilities of the work, its ability - literally - to create its own space. Clear compositional gestures, orchestrated with skilful measure, mix ancient symbols and suggestions, often religious and spiritual, with a distinctly contemporary sensitivity for composition and materials.

In Bomben's wall works, the typologies of the devotional icon, the altarpiece, the golden cloisons meet the language of technical drawing, steel and acrylic stone. Textures of solids are hinted at on the white or black background, suggesting barely shortened spaces. Even in the works with a sculptural character, the events are in the variations of light, an instrument of mediation and revelation of the sign on the material.

The artist reveals the tension between two-dimensionality and three-dimensionality, full and empty, ultimately between reality and its perception: in the works these boundaries are renewed in their mutability and transience, emerging from the minimum thickness of a portion of an inclined plane, from the to pronounce an elegant shadow along a profile, from the precious golden edge of a frame.